In current research carried out through the cumulative case study, which is one of the qualitative research designs, it was determined how the lecturers teaching in the faculties of education conducted their lessons. The study continued for 2 years (4 semesters) in 2018-2019 and written opinions of 710 prospective teachers were received. Focus group interviews were conducted with 98 volunteer prospective teachers. In the study, where lecturers and courses were handled without changing, the views of pre-service teachers were examined by content analysis. As a result of the analysis made by two independent researchers at the end of the semester, the coding consistency was 0.84-0.91 among the researchers, between the periods, it was determined as 0.87-0.90. As a result of the analysis, it was determined that the lecturers in the education faculty taught their courses in 5 different ways. It has been revealed that in 27% of the courses, the lecturers teach the course by speaking, and in 20% of the lectures they teach their own speech by supporting them with audio-visual tools. It has been determined that pre-service teachers are assigned in 34% of the courses and these candidates teach the courses by reading or speaking from the slide. In addition, in 15% of the lessons, the lecturer talks about the lesson or explains the event, situation, game, etc. demonstrated by showing. During the rest of the lesson, the pre-service teachers performed the tasks given by the lecturer. According to this result, it was determined that 96% of the lessons were taught based on the lecturer's explanation and direction, and the learners were not active. In the study, only 4% of the courses were learner-centered; It has been determined that learners take an active role in the planning, implementation and evaluation stages of the course.


Teaching styles, teaching styles of lecturers, teacher training, teacher candidates, student-centered teaching, teacher centered teaching