In this study, it was aimed to adapt the Service Quality-Based Psychological Contract Effectiveness Scale (SQPCES) into Turkish, which was developed by Kaushal and Goyal (2021) based on the Theory of Social Change. It is seen that there are many studies in the organizational context related to the psychological contract theory in the literature. Kaushal and Goyal (2021), on the other hand, discussed the concept of psychological contract based on the perception of service quality in the educational context and especially for students at universities. Within the scope of the study, the measurement tool consisting of 26 items and three sub-dimensions was adapted to Turkish. 255 university students selected by convenience sampling method were included in the study. For the adaptation studies of SQPCES into Turkish at universities, it was translated from English to Turkish by instructors who speak and understand both languages well and have expertise in English, then it was translated back into English and the items were compared. After the necessary corrections were made, the form was translated back into Turkish. Decided items were submitted to the opinion of nine field experts and the scale was finalized. Confirmatory factor analysis was performed to determine the construct validity of the scale. Confirmatory factor analysis was performed to obtain evidence for the validity and reliability of the scale form, which was obtained based on expert opinions. According to the results of confirmatory factor analysis, fit index values were found as 𝜒2/sd=2.32, RMSEA=.078, SMRM=.067, GFI=.84, CFI=.92. In addition, the results of the calculation of reliability with internal reliability, split half reliability and test-retest methods indicate that the whole scale and all its sub-dimensions can provide reliable measurements at an acceptable level. As a result, it can be said that SQPCES provides valid and reliable measures that can be used to measure the effectiveness of service quality-based psychological contract among university students in Turkey.


psychological contract, higher education, service quality.