The trainings that students receive during the education process enable the individual to develop positive behaviors. It is known that one of the most fundamental factors in the formation of behaviors is attitude. Because attitude forms the basis of our behaviors as an internal phenomenon. Based on this fact, the attitude that students will develop towards the physical education course will develop them mentally and physically. The importance of sports in the development of individuals has taken its place in the literature. Based on this importance, the attitude that secondary school students will develop towards physical education and sports education is important. The results of the studies have revealed that the high school education process constitutes an important place in the identity formation of the individual. The purpose of this study is to reveal the importance of how the positive attitude that students studying in high school, which is accepted as the beginning of the period of identity formation, will develop towards physical education and sports education will affect their lives. Relational screening method was used in the research. The research was conducted with 636 secondary school students. In the process of data collection, "Personal Information Form" developed by the researchers and "Attitude Scale towards Physical Education Course" developed by Güllü and Güçlü (2009) were used. In the analysis of the data, both descriptive and correlational analyses were employed. The results of the study revealed that the attitudes of secondary school students towards physical education and sports education are at a medium level. In addition, according to the variables included in the study, the type of high school attended, mother's education level, academic achievement and gender variables were found to be effective on the attitude levels of secondary school students towards physical education and sports education, while father's education level was not a factor. Based on the results of the study, it can be suggested to take some measures to increase the attitude levels of secondary education students towards sports education.


Attitude, physical education course, secondary education