The aim of this research is to examine the music used in teaching Turkish to foreigners in terms of their structural features. The case study design, which is one of the qualitative research designs, was used within the scope of the research. In the study, the works in the 6 books that make up the Yedi Iklim Turkish Teaching Set used in teaching Turkish to foreigners were analyzed. Your works; The features such as decision sound, tonal / maqam structures, pitch intervals, measure figures, which unit and section it is in, and which skills it contributes to gain were examined. As a result of the analysis; It has been observed that there are a total of 8 works in Yedi Iklim Turkish Teaching Sets. It is seen that there are 3 works at A1 level, 2 at A2 level, 2 at B1 level and 1 at C1 level; It was observed that there were no works at the B2 and C2 level. In the works, simple 2/4 and 4/4 rhythms are used; It has been seen that one work has a tonal structure and the other works have a modal scale feature. The works are in Hicaz, Hüseyni, Buselik, Kürdi, Nihavend Maqam Series; It has been determined that there is 1 work in F Major tone. It has been observed that the duration of the work varies between approximately 1-6 minutes. In addition, it has been seen that the works that are handled on a unit basis are generally included in the units that contribute to the development of listening, speaking, writing and matching skills. One of the remarkable points is that the works in the books are chosen from popular works that do not lose their currency. Another striking point is; As the level of the book increases, the number of works decreases. The works are mostly concentrated at the basic and intermediate levels. In the light of the findings, it can be said that the works in the Turkish Teaching Sets are insufficient in number and do not show a regular distribution. In addition, it was seen that the works in the books were tried to be associated with the subjects. However, it is thought that it will be better and more effective for the field experts to make a more detailed study and include important works reflecting the Turkish culture while choosing the work. It has been suggested that since it will contribute to the promotion of Turkish culture, lyrics-music and vocalization elements should also be taken into account, and that all other Turkish Teaching sets can be examined in detail in terms of musical characteristics and contribute to the field.


Music, teaching Turkish, teaching Turkish to foreigners